Review: Etude House My Jelly Lips Talk in JOR202 Chewy Mango Mango

Friday, May 31, 2013

Hey guys! I'm back reviewing some stuff from way back when during my Sweet Recipe Binge. Today I'll [finally] be doing a review on the My Jelly Lips Talk JOR202 in Chewy Mango Mango.

This product has been ridiculously hyped up, especially with the introduction of F(X)'s Krystal and Sulli as the new Etude House Ambassadors. Pitting Sulli and Krystal against each other with their featured items, the Baby Choux Base and the My Jelly Lips Talk Series was a gimmick they had used to check out and measure the popularity of each. Needless to say, Sulli had one, what with her recent (well, semi-recent) appearance in the Korean Adaptation of Hana Kimi, To the Beautiful You. BUT! I think the results also say a lot about the product itself. While I loved the Baby Choux Base, I'll tell you I was rather underwhelmed with the new My Jelly Lips Talk Series. Here's Why.

Starting off, Etude shines with what they always do best: Cute Packaging. All their lipsticks have these cute, princess-y look to them, which is definitely Etude's entire pitch. If they weren't actually good, at least they'd be useful as decorative ornaments for any girl's dream princess room (admit it! You guys have always wanted one. LOL).

Etude House My Jelly Lips Talk in JOR202 Chewy Mango Mango Review

This one is no exception. It's cute in its pearl-y iridescent off-white packaging, but to be completely honest, the string of beads around the base seems rather tacky to me. I'd much rather have the usual bow that Etude usually uses on their packaging. One downside though, is that you can't really tell from the packaging what color the bullet is inside. The only indication is the string of beads on the base, which we'll find out later isn't actually very true to color :(

Etude House My Jelly Lips Talk in JOR202 Chewy Mango Mango Review

The bullet itself is decorated with the famous Etude Heart Crown insignia and I totally love the detail. You can actually check on the above left picture that there's a part of the bullet that has a pink smudge :P You'll find out why later.

So from all the ads, posters, and even the videos, I was expecting this to be some sort of heavenly jelly gloss solidified into a lipstick full of moisturizing goodness. According to the packaging:

"This sheer-colored lipstick gives you irresistible jelly lips with its moist and shimmery finish"

It comes in 8 shades, all of which are rather tastefully named. Literally. They're named after the tastiest treats. Although I was quite puzzled with this one's name, being familiar with the usual yellow mangoes native to the Philippines. I completely forgot that some mangoes have red, orange and even purple skin o_o

Etude House My Jelly Lips Talk in JOR202 Chewy Mango Mango Review
click to enlarge

An additional quality to this particular shade is that it's also one of the two in the eight lipsticks that also act as a color-changing tint.

Color, Quality and Wear
So because of the above claims, I was totally going into this with high expectations. I saw this shade in it's pale peachy goodness and couldn't resist it. I was vaguely aware that this was one that had a double function of being a tint. I swatched it on my hand (I don't swatch lipsticks on my lips because the boutiques here in the Phil aren't as meticulous with their cleaning regimen as they are in the States). I don't know what I was expecting - the color came out sheer and barely visible on my hand *sadface*. Inside, however, I convinced myself it would look great on my lips despite its less than stellar performance on my hand, so I ended up buying it haha.

Etude House My Jelly Lips Talk in JOR202 Chewy Mango Mango Review

I'm sort of glad I did though, because a few minutes after I left the store, the swatch on my hand had changed color to this subtle pink shade, and I couldn't wait til I got home to see what it looked like on my lips.

Etude House My Jelly Lips Talk in JOR202 Chewy Mango Mango Review

So applied, it's nothing like how it looks like on the bullet. The bullet is a pale peachy orange, but on the lips it changes into this sheer but rich tinted pink. Granted, it didn't exactly have the jelly-like texture I was expecting but it was still rather moisturizing! And lo and behold, after an hour, the color actually stuck! While some of the sheen and gloss had definitely dissipated, the color had still remained as a subtle pink tint on my lips, with no drying whatsoever.

Sadly, the tint doesn't exactly last as long as others usually do (max 2-3 hours) and wears off quickly especially after a meal. That being said, I'm glad I could achieve the tinty look without drying my lips out! It's also really easy to create a gradation look with this color.

Etude House My Jelly Lips Talk in JOR202 Chewy Mango Mango Review

So what's the final verdict?

I wasn't disappointed in it exactly. It just really wasn't what I was expecting. If it had been marketed differently (not over-exaggerating the the jelly-look), I might have actually appreciated this more. Stand-alone this shade is pretty cute, but also somewhat gimmick-y. Like those magic changing lipsticks LOL. I sort of hoped that the color would stay true to the peachy-orange color it had on the bullet, but I still love the effect and wear it has on my lips.

I'll tell you guys an evil secret haha. I actually wear this lipstick while I sleep so that in the morning my lips look more tinted hahaha. Not exactly the best of habits but it leaves my lips moisturized and colorful the next day :P

So my final say on this is don't expect too much out of it. It's sheer, it's moisturizing and shiny. You can't achieve a gel-look with this unless you layer heaps of it on your lips with a mini-spade or top it off with a gloss (which I consider cheating). But if you get over the fact that those videos with Krystal are a lie, it's still a pretty good product haha. It's replaced my Body Shop Lip and Cheek Tint for the time being while I'm giving my lips some intensive care and rehab.

Etude House My Jelly Lips Talk in JOR202 Chewy Mango Mango Review

So what do you guys think? I know this is a limited item, but would you guys still give it a try?

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That's it for now!
Ada, signing out!

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Alvanny Ramirez said...

I Love the packaging of the Etude House products! All of them are so cute *0* such a shame that the color isn't true of the shade. I think if I could have the chance to buy it I would! I like the "gummy effect" ^^

P.S: Your reviews are very complete and amazing, honestly you've won a new reader! Your blog is fantastic! <3

Shirayuki's Beauty said...

I love it and I love the packaging <3.

Junjun said...

OH MY GOSH, this was on my list of "wants" as well. ;u; How is it that you always review the things I really want to buy? xD I'm jelly! (haha pun not intended)

It's a shame the staying power isn't very good. :c I was looking forward to getting this. Dx

Regardless, thank you for the amazing review, as always!

Mish Rendon said...

That tube is so cute! Too bad the actual product was quite disappointing. But I like the color of that lippie on you! Looks natural. :)

XO, Mish @

Tiffany Elle said...

I thought the one you bought was the tint--the one that is supposed to change colors? Maybe I am mistaken...but I know one of them is a color-changer, possibly two of them.

Ada Agupitan said...

Yehp! It is :P I just wasn't expecting it to change into the color that it did :)

Alvanny Ramirez said...

Totally agree! I think if I could, I'd buy everything just because of the cute packaging <3 Oww, I've saw a few reviews of the other colors and, as you said, the colors are less disappointing. Hope you can use it daily, at least looks cute haha.

Oh, you're welcome! ^^ Thanks to you! :D

Junjun said...

Oh, I might look into the other colors then~ c:
Gosh, reading your reviews is always so bad for my wallet. xD
And of course~ c: I drop by because your blog is amazing. <3

Raimar ღ Guevara ღ said...

Oh the lipstick looks really pretty and natural on you!

Kim Mendoza said...

We share that evil little secret but I use tints naman. Make-believe pinkish lips! haha

xx, Kim
Kimpossibly Gorgeous

Ada Agupitan said...

Thanks Raimar! It's like I just ait a Popsicle or a lollipop haha :P

Ada Agupitan said...

LOL Glad I'm not the only one hahahahaha. Bad habits die hard :P

Gellie Abogado said...

Though I'd have to say, EH packaging will make you buy their products in a heartbeat minsan. Hahahaha! And would love to do that, use lip tints at night although I don't think I have the perfect product for that yet. Hahaha! :P


Ada Agupitan said...

IKR. I was looking forward to it after all the hype the commercials gave haha. But I guess I can still put it to good use. Para hindi sayang :P

Thanks for dropping by~! I'm a huge fan of your blog :)

Ada Agupitan said...

Haha. I guess this post was pretty timely then :P The staying power is pretty okay as a lipstick. Normal-ish. As a tint, it's really meh. 2-3 hours or longer if you don't eat or drink. But even after it's 'gone', the lips still have a faint stain. I guess it's mostly the jelly/balm that wears off, but the color sort of seeps in :P The other colors are apparently better, so you might still want to check it out :P

Thanks for dropping by Junjun! :3

Ada Agupitan said...

Haha. Glad you liked it :) Thanks for dropping by! :3

Ada Agupitan said...

I know right. If there's one thing Etude does well, it's always their cute packaging. I've heard that the other colors in this series are less disappointing, but I'm actually putting this to good use recently LOL.

Thanks for dropping by btw! And thanks for following! I've happily followed back! :)

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