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Thursday, January 03, 2013

Lol it's about time I got this post over with. I always hate doing posts like these because I tend to look back at them and realize what a slob I've been after having resolved to change or actually get something done. I'll be honest, most times I write resolutions, I always end up failing and hating myself afterwards, but heck, I still keep doing them because what else is there to aspire for? Resolutions keep me going in the hopes that someday I'll actually amount to something LOL.

But just so I don't get complacent, I thought I'd amp my resolutions up with the help of a trusty new 2013 YEAR PLANNER~!

Everything is Possible 2013 Planner from Fully Booked

"Less worry, more sleep. Less words, more action." That's going to be my motto for this year, conveniently provided to me by this nifty planner I got from Fully Booked a while back. You can probably tell  why I was so drawn to it. Isn't it just the loveliest shade of teal/cyan/#00b8ca?

Everything is Possible 2013 Planner from Fully Booked

Nothing better to kick start the year than a planner that tells you that Everything is possible and the braille characters for "POSSIBLE" strewn conveniently all over the pages.

This planner was pretty much up my alley from the moment I picked it up and opened it to the first page which read: "Life affords no higher pleasure than that of surmounting difficulties, passing from one step of success to another, forming new wishes and seeing them gratified."

That is exactly the pep talk I need to get my crap straight this year hahaha.

Everything is Possible 2013 Planner from Fully Booked

The planner itself is pretty pro-active with pages to get your short-term, long-term and legacy goals straight, as well as space to write daily goals, achievements, priorities, and schedules. Plus it's pretty easy on the eyes with its simplistic yet captivating typography and layout. (I'm a sucker for typography and layout). It even comes with a nifty little pocket and a garterized strap to keep the pages in place.

Everything is Possible 2013 Planner from Fully Booked

Everything is Possible 2013 Planner from Fully Booked

Everything is Possible 2013 Planner from Fully Booked

My brother bought me a set of pens from MUJI and I decided to use them specifically to fill this planner in. Hopefully it'll keep me more organized this year, and if it doesn't, at least I have a pretty little scrap/note/sketchbook to show for it haha.

I wasn't able to take a picture of the Goal Pages which help you prioritize your goals for the year, but I pretty much filled it in with stuff along the lines of:


and a million other microactions which sort of lead up to those 4 main things.

I'll be graduating on 2014 and there is only so much time left to get myself ready for the rest of my life. Ideally, I'll be applying for an internship in the summer, and by graduation I'll be set for a scholarship for my masters in Japan/Australia/U.K. (I have obviously not decided).


In between that I'll enjoy blogging about my fashion and makeup escapades, as well as probably go on more fangirl excursions within the year. Apparently 2PM, SUJU and CNBlue have concerts lined up in the Philippines this year, so YAY!

So while that's yet to happen, I can enjoy my newest addition to the sickeningly cute stuff I lug around in my bag (along with my 3-year-old wallet and my Kimmidoll Collection notebook).

Oh yeah, and because this blog has been desperately lacking some of my art lately, why not have a doodle I made a few weeks back? Hahaha. It's amazing what boredom can do to you :P Yay for small-diameter sign pens and intricate detail! I should probably dig around for this and color it in some day lol.

Well, that's probably all the organization and resolution I can muster up for now. Hopefully I can see everything through and I can make proper use of this planner. And by that I mean 'hopefully I don't just scribble on it incessantly whilst procrastinating whatever productive work I should be doing'.

Tata for now! I hope everyone else keeps to their new year's resolutions, and if they don't, at least I'll have some company hahaha.
Ada Agupitan 2013

Ada, signing out.
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eyahnism said...

I love your planner :) prang ayaw ko na tuloy nung starbucks planner ko nung nakita ko yung sayo.. hahaha! :) The kimmiedoll notebook is cute as well :)

Ada Agupitan said...

lol, dapat actually starbucks planner yung kukunin ko, pero tinamad akong bumili ng mga stuff sa starbucks every week so nag-hanap na lang ako ng alternative sa fully booked. meron ngang planner na may The Spa/Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf/etc coupons per month, pero pinamigay ko yun to a friend.

y u k u . said...

This planner is really cool. I hope I'll achieve some ideas/resolutions/goals I have for 2013 without something like that... uhuu...
I'm so easily to distract. v__v
(for example I should practise Japanese now and do homework)

Ada Agupitan said...

You don't need a planner to achieve your goals :) I think a planner just helps remind you, but if you really want it, you can get it!

You can do it yuku!

y u k u . said...

Ohw thank you, Ada! <3

It's just that I get distracted way too easy... (sigh)
So I'm mosty afraid to lose my goals out of sight...

Armel Madsen said...

good luck on your resolutions! me, i didn't bother although i have some things in my mind about what i intend to do or accomplish this year.

cool planner, by the way!

Ada Agupitan said...

I almost didn't bother either. Until I realized how fail I was at keeping with schedules lol. Thanks for dropping by!

ningfathia said...

I love planners!! I own a smartphone and people laugh at me for having an actual paper planner. THEY DONT UNDERSTAND!!! The smell of new papers! the thrill of choosing and actually buying one! and the joy of destroying it!!

Ada Agupitan said...

Lol I hope by 'destroying' you mean filling it in with constructive plans and agenda lol. Although mine's pretty trashed with all the writing as it is hahaha. I totally get you!

Erica M. Baylosis said...

yikes ?) i love this planner :) more blessings 2 your blog ate ada :)

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