Review: FairyDrops Candy Bar BB Cream

Friday, December 21, 2012

Hey guys! I'm back with one of my most exciting purchases yet. If you've followed me since August, you'd know that I've totally been wanting FairyDrops Candy Bar BB Cream after Ekiblog's wonderful review on it. I've always wanted it, but never really could get down to buying it  because I'm not fond of shopping online for a just a single buy. So after hearing that this BB cream was finally available in the Philippines at Beauty Bar, I made a beeline to my nearest boutique and bought it, no questions asked.

I was a bit reluctant to continue this post even though it was scheduled because of a slight fit I got into with another beauty blogger about a review. I'm usually a lurker on other beauty blogs aside from my friends' blogs and the one time I decided to comment, things got sorta out of hand. Youthful mistakes, they are numerous and unwise, but you learn in the end.

That being said, I still feel like I needed to review this because it's just one of those products I'm absolutely in love with right now. I mean really ---

FairyDrops Candy Bar BB Cream Review

Doesn't it just look splendid? I totally broke my wallet for this, especially on a student budget. My own money from my own sweaty palms (thank goodness I was able to sell some of my fangirl stuff haha)

This has been receiving a lot of raves in the blog-o-sphere because of the fact that it doesn't have SPF. But wait, isn't that a bad thing? It depends.

The Concept
Let's take into consideration the fact that this BB cream was designed for wear in Television or for indoor wear. In recordings and photoshoots, if you've ever been in any, you'll notice that the lights are so blinding and bright, you can even feel the heat of them. You sweat, your makeup is ruined, and another corollary of bright lights is they tend to make anything with SPF shine and give off an unsightly white cast.

Why is this so? *Science mode ON*

SPF in sunblock and in cosmetics works in two ways - by either being a a chemical block  a physical block (I know this because this was my research proposal in high school haha). Chemical blocks work by absorbing the UV that the sun emits while physical blocks are exactly what they imply - they PHYSICALLY block the sun from your skin and make the light bounce off it. Technically speaking, any opaque material, even mud, is a physical block. One of the more common physical blocks, used in most sunblock and cosmetics is titanium dioxide. Basically it's what makes most SPF-possessing makeup make your skin look exceptionally radiant, and in the case of photoshoots, an unsightly ghostly white. You can see now why most BB creams have a white cast and why SPF can be a bad thing sometimes. That being said, the fact that this BB cream doesn't have SPF does prevent unwanted bouncing off of light from your face but at the same time, it does take away its sun protection faculty. But nobody's forcing you to wear this out in the sun. Use it for what it's made for - photoshoots, indoor functions and nightclubs when camera flash is your worst enemy LOL.

The Packaging
The packaging is almost too sugary sweet for my own good. Pink and white - you can't go wrong right? Unfortunately however, this doesn't really make for fail-safe storage because guess what the easiest color to get dirty is -- yehp, it's white. The matte packaging of the tube is aesthetically pleasing, I can give you that, but one touch with BB-cream filled fingers and you'll have fingerprints all over it.FairyDrops Candy Bar BB Cream Review
That aside, the sponge applicator is something we've seen in a few BB creams and foundations out there, but I think I saw this one as the first (please do correct me if I'm wrong). The sponge is fed by a plastic nozzle underneath which supplies a steady controllable stream of product.

One tip of use is to squeeze just a bit, let the product distribute itself into the sponge and its surface and then apply as needed. It works well enough IMO, and there's no problem with excessive product. BUT, if you're not so into that, it also gives you the option to apply it yourself without the sponge in a regulated manner, which is also pretty cool. I can actually use a foundation brush with this one!

One big let-down of the conceptualization of the packaging however is that the packaging is designed for this to be stored upside down. This is a little problematic because product flows down from the tip of the nozzle with just a little bit of gravity. So if you don't want your sponge permanently soaked in product, you're going to want to store this right-side-up somehow.

Another thing is that there's a lot of product wasted that gets soaked into the sponge, but never makes it to your face. Add to that the fact that you have very little product to begin with and you have a problem.

The Claims

FairyDrops Candy Bar BB Cream Review Back Packaging
click to enlarge

Treatment essence for moisturizing, oil control, firming, smoothing and acne. Microparticles for concealing and coverage. Soft focus powder for light diffusion and "HD" finish. Waterproof and oil-free.

Sounds good to me! Haha. I went ahead and took pictures of the instructions and ingredients for you guys if you have any reservations about the product. They put all the important stuff in English, so I feel no need to translate, but if you guys have any questions, feel free to ask! I'll translate whatever I can :)

Also, you can't see because the Beauty Bar sticker is covering it, but each tube actually contains 35 grams of product. Which honestly isn't a lot compared to a lot of cheaper BB creams out there, but a little goes a long way with this one, so it's still pretty worth it.

The Use
FairyDrops Candy Bar BB Cream Review

Though this product only comes in two colors: Ochre and Light Ochre I think the blendability more than compensates for the lack of variety. The color adaptation is also rather impressive, as you can tell by the above picture. I got the shade in Ochre because I have rather tan skin and it suited me perfectly. That being said, I doubt this would work for ladies on the darker side of the spectrum. The fact that this is made in Japan, a country where their market audience is naturally fair, limits their production and the chances of this BB cream being globalized are slim, so on that facet, this BB cream is lacking

Where quality and consistency are concerned, however, you get awesome coverage, toneage and a semi-matte finish. It's also scentless, so people who may be sensitive to that don't have to worry.
FairyDrops Candy Bar BB Cream Review
Here's my face with just Etude House's Goodbye Pore Ever Pore Primer Stick and FairyDrops Candy Bar BB Cream. NO WHITE CAST YO! (just really ugly eyebags, but that's not the BB cream's fault haha) That being said, it's not as lightweight as my favorite, theFACEshop's Aqua Tinted BB Cream. In fact it feels almost like a foundation when applied, but once it settles it tightens the skin and makes it feel firmer, leaving only a faint trace of feeling that it's there.

Did I mention that this foundation doesn't budge for ANYTHING? I wore this a good 14 hours with minor powder touch ups and it still looked AH-MAY-ZING. It's water-resistant and oil free, so you can expect it to keep the shine off your face (unless you have really oily skin).

The Hygiene
FairyDrops Candy Bar BB Cream Review

Some people had their reservations about buying this product because of the misconception that the sponge wasn't detachable and was thus difficult to clean. The company already had that thought out apparently because if you read the back of the packaging with instructions on how to remove the sponge from its base for cleaning. As you can see from the demonstrative picture, it's actually quite easy to remove if you follow the instructions. Twist off the cap which contains the sponge. Remove auxiliary plastic base and pull sponge up gently. Now you have a completely plastic-free sponge that's easy to clean and dry to prevent accumulation of product and growth of bacteria. I recommend washing the sponge with soap and water (shampoo works wonders!). Because it's waterproof, it might be stubborn and stay, but shampoo worked on mine just fine. Gently squeeze-dry it to preserve the shape, and then blow-dry it if you can't wait for it to air-dry.

After routine cleaning and usage, I think it's a pretty sanitary product. No breakouts, no problems. It's perfectly awesome, but just like any applicator / brush needs its proper maintenance.

The verdict
I'll admit, this may sound biased because I've been looking forward to this BB Cream for SO LONG after following the Japanese blog-o-sphere and lurking around gyaru and Japanese fashion blogs, but this is honestly a really good product.
I wouldn't wear it out everyday, especially in school because I need SPF, plus, I'd save this for a special occasion because I did pay a lot for this (1550 php to be exact). But let's say you were on a flexible budget, this would definitely be something to invest in for social events, nightclubs, photoshoots etc. because it beats any liquid foundation I've used so far in terms of endurance, plus the coverage is good and you get the BB cream benefits.
You can find this locally at a Beauty Bar near you or at the FairyDrops website. I've also seen this being sold on ebay and other blogshops, so don't be afraid to look around :)
I'll definitely repurchase this if I run out, unless Fairy Drops comes up with a newer version. By then I'd have saved up for a new tube anyway haha.

Hope this review helped! I have a review a few more reviews coming up soon, so watch out for them~

Ada, signing out.
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Junjun said...

wow~ this looks really promising! o: Definitely want to try it...

Jing-Jing said...

Thanks for the review! This BB cream sounds really good!
I actually don't mind that there's no SPF because it's not that sunny where I live and I usually use moisturizers that have SPF in
I've seen so many reviews about this and really want to try it ><"
But I should really finish my other face products first :')

elisatot.kv said...

awesome review.



Ada Agupitan said...

It's really good :) you should!

Ada Agupitan said...

Yeah, so true. I have a slew of other stuff to finish. I just got this because it was different from what I already had haha.

Ada Agupitan said...


| miss rhea | said...

The packaging reminds me of etude house precious mineral lol.. Thanks for sharing dear, nice review.


Ada Agupitan said...

Yeah, it is quite similar! I think this came first though. It was a huge hit in Japan, so it's probably why Etude tried adapting the design. Actually, if you're pressed for cash, Etude House's Precious Mineral BB Cream is a GREAT alternative, but it still has SPF and a bit of a floral scent to it :)

Thanks for dropping by!

ZyWorld said...

looks great.. want to try it.. but it's pricey... LOL
already followed ur blog.. nice blog^^

Ada Agupitan said...

Hey Zy! Thanks for dropping by. Yeah, it is a bit pricey :P but I think it's one of those products that doesn't have a direct competitor yet :)

I've followed back :3

ZyWorld said...

I should save some money for it... <3 thank u!

Amandaaa said...

I WANT IT!! :D thanks for the review Ada <3

Ada Agupitan said...

No prob :) Thanks for dropping by again!

eyahnism said...

Nung una kong nakita i thought yung finish nya is dewy like most BB cream do.. then matte pala.. hmm.. looks promising! Will check this out :) :)

Ada Agupitan said...

semi-matte lang naman. wala pa ata akong nakitang BB cream na full matte. feeling ko nagiging matte lang yung BB cream na 'to dahil sponge yung pang-apply at super thin yung distribution. kakaiba rin yung consistency eh, oil-free kasi so parang mas konti yung nag-b-bounce na light. Pero parang mas mataas yung water content, so hydrating pa rin :)

Riti Pal said...

Hey I am a NC35-40
I wear Missha perfect cover is 27 honey beige and etude precious minerals in sand beige
do you think this bb in ochre will work for me?
my friend recommended this to me but i cant go try it out because there are no shops that sell it near my place
and I have crazy acne trouble :)

Ada Agupitan said...

I also use sand beige from Etude, but that's during the summer when I am more tan. I found that Ochre is just a tad too light on my skin when wearing it on that skintone but it's not very noticeable over time and blends in very well when set with a better suited powder. When it's adapted to the skin it actually suits my skintone better than Etude's BB Cream :) It's much less reflective (doesn't have a white cast) and I think that makes it more adaptable and blendable. But again, it doesn't have SPF so you might want to keep that in mind :D

This BB cream didn't break me out, but if you have sensitive skin you might want to be careful with this because although it's oil free, the ingredient substitutes used may irritate skin. Although I haven't read any reviews of major breakouts with this BB Cream, so it's generally safe.

If you're planning on ordering I'd say go for it. Even if it doesn't completely match your skintone, it's very well masked with just a bit of setting powder and it has great coverage for acne and has great oil control on my skin.

Riti Pal said...

Thanks :D and I decided to get it
Its absolutely awesome!

Ada Agupitan said...

Glad I could help! :) Tell me more about your experience when you can! I'd love to hear about it :)

Aubrey Pranada said...

Looks great, this review makes me want to try this one! I love it! :)

Jaree Romero said...

Wow I'll write this on my shopping list, thank you for the review ^^

Ada Agupitan said...

It's definitely worth the money and the try~! This is one of my fave BB Creams :)

Ada Agupitan said...

Whoo~ Glad I've made someone else a fan of this BB Cream. It's one of my faves at the moment :D

Rissa Noma said...

this is cute. and quite pricey. hehe.

rhania escueta said...

the sponge reminds me of ipkn's =)

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